THE STUDENT - You're new to real estate and want to learn about property OR you need to expand your existing investment knowledge. (here's how I'm going to help you)

THE INVESTOR - You already own property and the time has come to grow your portfolio, but you're too busy and need professional representation to make a strategic buying decision. (here's how I'm going to help you)

THE HOME BUYER - You're buying your first or next home and you need a helping hand with the process. (here's how I'm going to help you)


Or perhaps you stumbled across me by chance or were referred by a friend who said "you need a Buyer's Agent".  If this is the case and you're wondering exactly what a Buyer's Agent does, have a read of this post.




You've come to the right place.

First thing's first. My site is essentially one big Property Resource Stop for investors and home buyers. 

In a nutshell, I'm here to help you navigate the property market and give you all the tools and advice you need to make a better buying decision.

Whether you choose to work with me One on One, or learn as much as you can from my e-books and free content , I hope I inspire you to make a huge success out of property, just like I have.

But first, perhaps we should get a little acquainted?

It all started in 1997 when I was working for a local real estate agency in my hometown of Redcliffe in Queensland. Instead of going to schoolies like all my friends did, I started my career in real estate ... and never looked back. 

Here's a little about me and how I'm going to help you on your own property journey. 



and now for the intro.

(... drumroll please)

My name is Wendy Russell and as you may have gathered, I’m obsessed with steering people on the right path when it comes to buying property.

To be more precise, I'm an Independent Buyer's Agent and I work exclusively with Property Buyers, managing their purchases and representing their best interests.

Think of me like a real estate agent, but on the other side of the fence - the Buyer's side. 

I'm also a writer and I looove to share a good (usually uncensored) story on my blog. Whether it's writing about my tales in property, sharing a personal story or giving some great tips and advice about property, you'll get a lot out of my blog and e-books if you're into learning about real estate. 

But before I get into the spiel about how passionate I am about writing, property and how I’m going to help you make a huge success out of investing, I want to share something that I think you should know.

You probably shouldn’t trust me.

?!!! (Yes I know what you’re thinking.)

Why on earth would I plant a statement like this on my own website?!

Well, if statistics are anything to go by (and I am guided by them religiously for my clients), then statistically, I am probably untrustworthy. 

You see, all the consumer surveys I’ve found point to the fact that real estate agents or property professionals or whatever you want to call us are considered the lowest of the low when it comes to trustworthy professions.

Heck, even the sex workers are more trustworthy!

Are you surprised?




Well, I’d like to think that there’s still a few of us out there that CAN be trusted (and respected), myself included, but to earn trust you need to prove yourself first, (and not be found on google with a bad rep!), and this is EXACTLY what I intend to do, with you, my newly found property friend. 

Because you know what, for 18 years (yep, that's how long I've been in this game), I’ve played witness to those mums and dads who’ve lost large chunks of their wealth to poor performing property investments. :(

I’ve looked into the eyes of the 20 something year old who realised she got conned into buying a property that wasn’t right for her. :(

I’ve seen the way men and their ego play out when they realise they handed over their hand earned investment dollars to a bunch of spruikers who only cared for the big kickback they were receiving. :(

That's a lot of :( and you know what, I’m sick of it!


Australian Consumer Law have a great article warning of the dangers of getting involved with these types...   you need to read this >



I'm fed up...

With the spruikers and the developers they go to bed with. I’m tired of seeing shonky real estate agents get chased down the street by the media and I’m done with this industry getting such a bad wrap because of the few who choose to focus on the money rather than the people. 


I’m here to change all of that! Well, I hope to play a role at the very least.

If just one person, YOU, take something away from my site that puts you in a stronger position when it comes to buying property, then I've done my job.

Whether it's working with me one on one, or downloading one of my e-books or free videos, I'll do my absolute best to educate you about property and help you make the best decisions when it comes to your purchase.

It’s time to get transparent about what really goes on inside the world of real estate and how you as a Buyer can best navigate it so you end up a winner. 

No more biased advice and no more poorly guided decisions.



What I'll teach you.

I'm here to help give you completely UNBIASED and honest, independent, straight down the line advice.

Ultimately, I’ll teach you HOW to buy property.


I'll show you what to look for. What to watch out for and the things you need to be super mindful of before you sign on the dotted line.

I’ll give you all the information you need to make a strategically informed decision, so when you go out into the big bad world of real estate and buy your next property, you'll be better armed.

I'll teach you what to look for in a property to determine whether it will be a star performer or a dud and I’ll explain how capital growth REALLY works, what drives it and how you can put yourself in the strongest position possible when buying. 


I’ll explain all of the “real estate” jargon and words you hear thrown around,  like equity, yield, negative gearing and LVR and I'll put them in layman's terms so you get it!

Some of these terms you’ve probably heard but perhaps have no idea what they mean!


I’ll help you negotiate your Contract by teaching you the basics (and not so basics) of property negotiation. The agent won't know what hit them!

In a nutshell, I'll make the invisible visible so that all of those little things that you're unaware of right now will be transparent to you. You know, the things you don't know that can 100% bite you in the butt and lose you thousands; heck, tens of thousands!


And when you've been searching for property for what seems like an eternity, missing out on yet another property as each weekend rolls by, I'll give you the inspiration to keep going.

I understand the emotional rollercoaster of house hunting and I'm here to remind you that there is always another great opportunity out there if you miss the last one. You just need to be a little patient (and perhaps a little more pushy)!


Rest assured, my plan is to be there every step of the way, guiding you on this journey and helping you make the right decisions at every stage of the buying process.

A mentor perhaps?

Whether it’s a first home, new home or next investment, you’ll be able to count on me, and my community of referral partners, for the honest advice you need when making possibly one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. 

You don’t wanna get THIS ONE wrong okay?!



Working with me.

Busy professionals, first home buyers and investors from around the globe rely on me to make their property plans a reality by engaging my one on one service. 

Outsourcing the purchase completely means you can get back to what you do best, and rather than spend your weekends and spare time hunting for property, you can do the things YOU want to do, knowing your investment plan or new home purchase is moving forward - strategically.


If you're interested in working with me at this level, CLICK HERE to view my service menu.

Please understand I work exclusively with 5 clients at any given time. I do this so that I can deliver the best possible, personable service at all times.

This means that I may not be available when you are ready to work with me. To book me in advance, CLICK HERE and complete the enquiry form.

For your peace of mind, I offer a 100% money back guarantee on all my services.

If you're curious about what it's like to work One on One with me, let my clients tell you all about it...


There are plenty of agents in this industry but very few have the care factor to always do what is in their clients best interest. This is why I think Wendy is a success and will continue to be in the years to come.
— Alex Jordan - SALES AGENT AT MCGRATH PADDINGTON (0410 424 749)


Want to get up close and personal? 

You can read about my uncensored story here.