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You'll understand the process of an Auction from the beginning to the end.

You'll learn how to set three (3) strategic prices, and stick to your Walk Away Position.

You'll understand how to position yourself so that you come away a winner, weather you buy the property or not. 


What I’ll Teach You.

Throughout this book I will describe the actual process of buying a property at Auction in Queensland, Step By Step from the very beginning, right through to the very end. 

Although this book is written from my perspective as a Buyer’s Agent and Auction Strategist operating in Brisbane, the core concepts and strategies I will discuss can typically be applied to any property Auction.

I’ll give you the “How To’s” and the steps you need to take in order to complete the process like a professional. 

Essentially, I’m here to STOP you from making mistakes and HELP you to buy the property. 

I’m here to STOP you from making THE biggest mistake of all; feeling like you overpaid for a property. 

By the end of this guide, you will have the necessary tools to go into an Auction better prepared than close to 95% of the Bidders there on the day. 

You will know how to physically and mentally position yourself before and during the Auction so that you don’t walk away with that yucky feeling we know as Buyer’s Remorse, whether you buy the property or not. 

You will understand why the selling Agents dart around the room and hover over the registered Bidders, and you will know the secrets of the Auctioneer and Agents when it comes to driving the price up for their Seller. After all, this is their job. It’s what they are paid to do. 

You will learn how to handle the selling Agents when they apply pressure during the Auction and how to unapologetically stand your ground. 

I’ll help you work out your Walk Away Price through strategic calculations and most importantly, you’ll learn how to STICK to it during the Auction. 

I’ll teach you how to place a Knockout Bid, how to manage competing Bidders and school you on all the Auction lingo and terminology so you understand what it all means going into the Auction. 

I’ll give you some strategies and examples of what to do, and what NOT to do when the Auction is underway. To put you at ease, you’ll be given step by step instructions on what to do pre-Auction, at the Auction and post-Auction. 

You’ll come away understanding what paperwork is required at each stage, how to complete it, understand it and what to watch out for in the Contract and associated documents. 

I’ll give you all the necessary tools and tactics I’ve learned over many years and many Auctions so you’ll come across as a seasoned pro when it comes to bidding. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started! 







The Auction Process From Start To Finish



STEP 1 - Inspecting The Property 

STEP 2 - What To Do At The Inspection 

STEP 3 - What To Ask The Agent 

STEP 4 - What To Do Following The Inspection 

STEP 5 - Preparing The Comparative Market Analysis And Calculating True Market Value 

STEP 6 - Request A Formal Valuation
STEP 7 - Financing Your Auction Purchase
STEP 8 - Gauging The Buying Crowd
STEP 9 - Setting Your Buying Limit
STEP 10 - Deciding On Your Auction Bidding Style



STEP 11 - Understanding The Bidder’s Registration Form 

STEP 12 - Bidding On Behalf Of Others 



The Big Day Is Almost Here 



Lights, Auctioneer, Action!

STEP 13 - Preparing For The Big Day Ahead 

STEP 14 - What To Wear (Dressing For Success)

STEP 15 - When To Arrive 

STEP 16 - What To Do At Registration The Contract Of Sale 

Conditions Of Sale Title Search Bidders Registered 

Deposit Cheque

STEP 17 - Approaching The Auction Team And Dealing With The Agents

STEP 18 - Devising Your Game Plan 

STEP 19 - Creating Allies Within The Auction Team 

STEP 20 - Power Positioning - Where To Sit Or Stand 

STEP 21 - Making A Bid
STEP 22 - Placing A Knockout Bid 

STEP 23 - Making Each Bid Count 

STEP 24 - Dealing With Competing And Multiple Bidders What Happens If No One Bids? 

STEP 25 - Placing The Winning Bid And Securing The Property Some Contract Side Notes 

STEP 26 - Contract Follow Up 



Is The Property On The Market? 

Bidding Against Yourself 



What Is The Reserve Price?
What Does It Mean When A Property Is “Passed In”? 

What Does It Mean When The Auctioneer Announces A Property Is “On The Market”? 

Why Does The Auctioneer Call “Going Once, Going Twice, Going Three Times”? 

What Is A “Vendor Bid”? 



Wendy’s Auction Master Checklist Download



Welcome To The World Of Real Estate Auctions


Ahh, the thrill of the Auction! Nervous Buyers sizing each other up. An awkwardly awaiting crowd filled with anticipation. Suited up Real Estate Agents working the room and an Auctioneer orchestrating the show. Yes, if you didn’t already notice, there’s one distinct thing about the feel of an Auction; it’s a show. A Real Estate selling show that is geared to do ONE thing - Sell property for the highest price possible. 

As much as you might think, Auctions really aren’t that scary. If you’ve been to as many as I have, then you will realise there’s a basic formula to it all. It’s just that many Buyers will only ever buy or bid at an Auction once or twice in their lives, so understandably this formula isn’t obvious to them. To even get to THIS point though means they’ve had to bite the bullet, get over their fears, jump in, and make that very first bid. 

Fear of the unknown is generally what makes Auctions SEEM like the impossible to rookie Bidders, novice Investors and especially the first home Buyers. Heck, I even know of some very seasoned Real Estate Investors who can’t bear the thought of turning up to an Auction and making a bid! Their nerves just get the better of them. Many Buyers give Auctions the flick and move onto other properties because they place Auction in the too hard basket. 

The truth is, many of the BEST properties are bought at Auction and this is why you ABSOLUTELY must jump in and give Auctions a go if you’re serious about buying Real Estate. 

If you can get over the fear of actually bidding at Auction, you are immediately opening yourself up to greater opportunities in the property world, particularly when it comes to investments. 

For the Buyers who are fearless to the Auction factor, I commend you for giving it a go. Jumping into an Auction for the first time is certainly not something for the faint hearted. Many of my clients have reiterated to me over the years, “Wendy, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here”. 

Charging head first into the unknown, especially the Auction process, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll come out a winner however, and just “giving it a go” doesn’t always equal success (even if you managed to secure the property). Flying blind and winging it is simply NOT the way to approach Auctions. 

You see, as much as I believe there is a formula to Auctions, there is also a level of expertise one must acquire to really be successful at Auction and get the very best result or outcome. In my opinion, you just DON’T get this expertise unless you’re bidding at various Auctions, consistently, ALL THE TIME. The variables can and do change from Auction to Auction depending on the Auctioneer, the selling Agents, who is bidding, the Buyers on the day, current market conditions and even the style of the property. You can never really get a full grip on any one Auction because each can differ immensely. 

Reading the play and adjusting your strategy at the flip of a dime (or the call of the Auctioneer) becomes a real skill. As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, so you just have to get yourself out there to acquire this ability. 

Time and time again, I see Buyers walk away SEEMINGLY successful (because they’ve made the winning bid), but I know deep down they could have achieved an even BETTER result if they only knew a few basic rules of the game. 

So with that said, how do you put yourself in the strongest position possible at an Auction? If you’re reading this, then you’ve obviously been savvy enough to realise some of the variables I’ve described above and how they can disadvantage you as a Buyer if you’re not in the know. 

You’re cautious, and I COMPLETELY get it. You should be. You’re about to play with hundreds of thousands, heck, maybe millions of dollars in the heat of the Auction moment - This is scary stuff! 

I’ll be honest, I truly believe the BEST way to buy property at Auction is to have a third party professional represent you. I know, you’re probably thinking, “yes of course you would say this Wendy, that’s your way of earning a living!”, but let’s be honest for a second - How many stupid or irrational decisions have YOU made under pressure and with emotions mounting? Add money to the mix, and there’s a ripe old recipe for disaster if you lose your head (which mind you, is incredibly easy to do at an Auction).

The huge benefit of a third party bidding on your behalf is that they are somewhat removed from the emotion of the purchase and can make bids objectively rather than emotionally. Not to mention, it saves you the hassle, time and emotional anguish that is typically attached to the Auction process. 

The heat is off when you’re not in the hot seat. 

With that said, I also understand that many Buyers WANT to give it a go, bid themselves and maybe tick it off the bucket list of things they’ve done. I get this, and I’m certainly not going to stand in your way if you want to go it alone. 

That’s why I’ve written this book so you can go into the bidding circle better equipped and walk away a winner (whether you buy the property or not), knowing you armed yourself with the best possible knowledge and did everything you could do to get the best possible result for yourself on the day. 

Sound like a plan?