NERVOUS ABOUT Buying At Auction?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Buying at auction can be one of the most nerve wracking things you'll ever do, especially if you've never bid or even attended an auction. Statistics show that 56% of buyers who bid at auction have NO bidding strategy!

Imagine realising you paid more than you had to or even worse, you missed out completely because you didn't know what you were doing, were too afraid to make a bid or someone with more experience stole the property from underneath you. 

Sadly, this happens to inexperienced buyers all the time. Auction bidding is a skill in its own right, one that I have mastered simply by attending and bidding at more auctions than your average buyer. 

I use techniques that often intimidate other bidders and I work with you to create a strategic Auction Plan that ensures you walk away a winner, whether you buy the property or not. I'll do my best to put you in the strongest position possible, by removing the stress and emotion from the auction process so that you can rest assured knowing you haven't overpaid or made a huge mistake in the heat of the moment.


build your CONFIDENCE before you bid.

read my STEP BY STEP Guide to buying property at auction


In my Auction E-book, you'll be guided through the Auction process and learn how to bid successfully and strategically, whilst putting yourself in the strongest position possible at the Auction.

I've written this book specifically for auction bidders who want to understand the process, tactics and concepts behind buying property successfully at Auction.

Spoiler Alert! READ CHAPTER 1


Wendy Russell bridges the gap between buyer, seller, auctioneer and agent with strategies that take the pressure off buyers whilst at the same time, getting them in the game and placing them forefront to being successful at auction. With the property market now more competitive than ever, more and more buyers should be considering the services of an experienced Buyer’s Agent and Auction Strategist. It just makes sense.