Why Relationships Trump Experience In The Property Game

Let me pose this question. If you had to sell your home, which real estate agent would you choose? 

This very question is contemplated around the dinner tables of hundreds, if not thousands of sellers every week and I’d probably say there are even arguments going on about it between husbands and wives. She likes the female agent with the warm and bubbly personality, whereas he’d be much more comfortable entrusting the slick, 20+ years experience guy with the Audi. 

Now taking a guess at what the most common reply would be, I’d say that even if you’re arguing over two agents, you’d probably list your property for sale with the most experienced real estate agent you could find. Would I be right?

It’s every sellers nightmare realised to have sold for less than what you could have got if you’d listed with a better agent, but what if I told you that the better agent may not necessarily be the one with the most experience? What if I showed you that going with the most connected agent was going to ensure you greater success? Would you believe me? After all, I AM a real estate agent. (Well, sort of!)

What do I mean by this?

When I first started out in real estate as a receptionist / sales assistant for a local agency, I met a sales agent by the name of Len. Len had been selling property since the dinosaurs and I was the one who typed his Contracts and watched on as he negotiated the sales over the landline. Mobiles were only just starting to come onto the scene in those days, so I was fortunate enough to witness most of his deals because I sat just across from his desk and well within earshot.

When Bruce started as a fresh faced agent about a year later, I noticed a shift in the culture and dynamic of the office. Quite the opposite to Len, Bruce was a guy who had one of those personalities that you could describe as infectious. He was everyone’s friend (to your face), could talk the talk, and seemed to connect with people fairly easily. Much easier than what Len could, since his personality was more reserved and methodical. 

Now I’m not saying that Len was a complete wet blanket, but what I noticed was that since Bruce had a more people’s personality, he seemed to attract more deals. People warmed to him and trusted him, even though he didn’t have the runs on the board experience that a salesperson like Len did. 

This fascinated me and ever since, I have been hooked on how a relatively new salesperson can rise to the top quickly as opposed to an agent who has been in the game for many years and clearly has much more the experience.

Fast forward 18 years and now that I have been on both sides of the fence as a selling agent and now a Buyer’s Agent, gone through my own rookie years and survived the revolving door of real estate, I can now understand how the picture fits.

It’s like this…

Be it a real estate agent or a Buyer’s Agent, the person who has the greater ability to connect and build rapport with people is the person you want on your side. 


Because in real estate, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. 

A great example of this was a lady I hired in my agency back in 2005. She didn’t have any experience selling property; selling anything for that matter, but what she did have was drive and connections. She had a real passion to give real estate sales a go and in her first month she managed to sell two properties. You see, Jenny was a local for many years and new almost the whole town so when people found out she was in real estate, they trusted her with their properties because they knew her.

This agent will open more doors for you whether you’re a buyer or a seller and even if they have less experience than the agent in the cubicle beside them, they’re probably going to overcompensate by working harder anyways. 

If you can nab an agent with connections AND experience, you’re onto a winner.