How To Get Your Hands On The Very Best Brisbane Properties

If you’re an investor looking for your next investment, or perhaps even your first and you’ve set your sights on Brisbane, then listen up.

I constantly have the complaint from potential buyers that all the good properties are already gone by the time they’ve even had time to realise they’re on the market.

“Wendy, how am I ever going to get into the property market if I keep missing out on the best buys?”

Good question. 

And if you’re not connected to real estate agents in Brisbane, well you can pretty much forget about landing that “Hidden Gem”, and no I’m not talking about the one you saw on that now has an “under contract” tag attached to it. 

I’m talking about the one you never even saw. 

The one that I bought for my Sydney investor who was savvy enough to realise that he needed to hook up with a connected Brisbane Buyer’s Agent if he wanted to well, buy anything decent in Brisbane.

Now this may sound like a complete plug of my business and what I do for a living, (yes it probably is) but let’s be honest with ourselves for a second. 

How do you think you’re going to nab a great property when you’re going it alone in the Brisbane property market and you’re up against the likes of myself, all the other buyers in the market (ones with bigger budgets and bargaining power than you) and other Buyer’s Agents 





This is about the time you’re thinking of picking up the phone and giving me a call, or perhaps flicking an email to the tune of,

“Hi Wendy, my partner and I are looking to invest in the Brisbane property market but we’re finding that we keep missing out on properties we want and need someone like yourself to help us make a purchase.”

If you're a buyer who sees the value in working with a local Buyer’s Agent, then you’ll recognise this is your next step.

But I know what you're thinking.

The thought of paying a professional $10K plus to do a job you think you can do yourself, makes your stomach do sommersalts?

Am I right?

So now what?

Not many Buyer’s Agents will reveal their secrets to getting the heads up in the market or hand over their contacts list, but I’m not your average Buyer’s Agent.  I'll give you some tips but I certainly won't share my contacts list!

A major part of the way I operate my business focuses on educating buyers as you've probably noticed from my videos and blog articles that I put out to my followers on a regular basis.

I understand that my service isn't for everyone, and not everyone will work with me one on one, but nonetheless I still care about educating investors and home owners when it comes to making informed property purchases.

With that said, here’s three ways you can get the heads up on off-market or pre-market opportunities WITHOUT working with a Buyer’s Agent.

1. Get on every agent’s database.

Pick the areas you want to invest in and sign up to as many real estate agent’s databases as you can. Often selling agents (the good ones) will send out regular email campaigns that invite their database members to VIP property launches or feature a Coming Soon section that lists pre-market listings.

2. Approach the property owners direct.

You’ll need to put a bit of leg work into this strategy, but one of the best ways to get the property you really want is to simply knock on the door and ask.

You may get a tenant who refers you to a real estate agent or you may get an owner who, low and behold, has actually been thinking about selling for some time and it just happens that you’re the final “sign” that tells them it’s time to do a deal - WITH YOU!

3. Put an “ad” on social media.

Nowadays, just about EVERYONE is on social media and getting a word out has never been easier with the power of the internet and facebook. Why not advertise to your network what you’re looking for in a property and ask people to tag or share it with their friends who may be able to steer you in the right direction.

You never know, someone might know someone who might know someone who holds your dream home or ideal investment and BAM, you’ve beat the agents, the other buyer’s and (sigh), even the Buyer’s Agents to a great property.

If you’ve exhausted the above and you’re still coming up with nothing, then perhaps you need to get in touch with me, but either way, happy investing and happy house hunting.

See you in the field!