Brisbane Property Powering Through To Christmas

It’s normally about this time of year that things on the property circuit begin to quiet down, but not this year!

I’m amazed at how many properties around inner Brisbane are being listed for sale, even with Christmas fast approaching.

Do people NOT want a break?!

Just last weekend I was still making offers on properties, attending open homes with full numbers through and unfortunately, missing out to multi-offers where buyers are paying big dollars just to secure a place, and get in. (I simply won't allow my Buyers to over-pay, hence the frustration here!!)




Watch these dates ...

Now keep in mind that even if you’re signing a Contract TODAY, you won’t be doing much until the new year, because as my most recent #buyingWendysWay video claimed, the dates from Christmas Day right up until the new year are considered NON-BUSINESS DAYS, according to the REIQ Contract which was updated in Version 10 to allow all of us (mostly the lawyers) a well-deserved break at this time of year.

I’m finding that it’s townhouses that are really coming on the boil and those that have a spacious layout, good sized living areas and bedrooms, and a courtyard for fido (or kiddies) to play, are seeing offers from 5 or more hungry buyers keen to get a piece of the action. 

Who said the unit market was slowing? 

Well, yes, townhouses ARE in a league of their own, but the ones that replicate that of a small house are the ones you should be buying up if you’re looking to invest but don’t quite have the “house” budget to get you into those higher growth areas in Brisbane.

It’s Southside areas like Yeronga, Mount Gravatt, and Morningside where I’m seeing the most activity right now.

Local agents from all around Brisbane who I’m chatting to are reporting a no-slow-down, which is certainly interesting for this time of year.

From my past experiences with this type of buyer enquiry, it usually signifies a growth spurt in the following year.

So if you’re thinking about investing in 2018, I would suggest getting your ducks in row so you can be prepared for an influx of stock that will probably hit the market around late January, early February.

I’m off for a few weeks break until the 20th of Jan, and I hope that whatever you have planned for Christmas and New Year, you enjoy the time and keep safe. 

I’m taking clients now for a February 2018 start if you need a helping hand getting into what is probably going to continue to be a fast-paced Brisbane property market next year. 

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