Who Is Today's REAL Professional?

When I’m buying property, I want to be comfortable.

Professional yes - but comfortable - this is a must. I work better this way. You see, my clients don’t give a ratz if I’m bidding in jeans or a suit.

How do I know this? 

Because I ask them.

Yep, I asked my last client if they were happy for me to wear jeans to their Auction, and their reply was, “Wendy, I don’t care what you wear. Just get me that property.”

What they REALLY care about is the result.

Did I win? Did I get the property under budget?

Did I piss off the other buyer’s agents who missed out? 

The ongoing debate of what we wear as professionals amazes me.

Are we really that pre-occupied with LOOKING the part, rather than actually BEING the true Professional our client needs us to be?

More to the point, what does Professional even mean these days? Is it a person dressed in a suit and tie? Or is it a person who is committed to their profession? Strives for excellence? Fights for their client’s best interests? 

So, did I wear the jeans?


But that’s not my point.

I believe true Professionals are a combination of all of the above. I also believe that the landscape of the Professional is changing.

These days, people don’t automatically gravitate to the suit and tie like they used to. 

Instead, they CRAVE real.

They want to see the real person behind the fancy clothes.

Why? Because this is the person they can trust.

When I started being THIS person, my business went to a whole new level. 

Are you a Professional struggling with an identity crisis? Perhaps your work places restrictions on what can and can't be worn to the office or in the field.

Either way, just remember that it's not really all about the clothes, and that's essentially what this post is about. Sure, what you wear will draw an impression. 

but ultimately, It's how you show up - as the package - the person.

Just a little food for thought ...