5 Reasons Why That Agent Didn't Call You Back

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If I had a dollar for every single time a buyer whinged to me about a real estate agent, I’d be retired and sailing the French Riviera on my super yacht by now.

Ok that’s a bit far maybe, but truth be told, the number of times I come across people having a bitch session about an agent is staggering.

The moment they find out I’m in real estate, but I’m NOT a real estate sales agent, the guard usually drops somewhat and this person launches  into their very own “agent story” as I like to call it. 

Most people have one. It’s usually bad unfortunately.

And so I do what I do best. 

I listen. I let them vent. I nod in agreement (even if I don’t agree).

But most of all, I sympathise. 

I might not agree with them and I’m always mindful there’s two sides to every story, but the polite person in me always has a level of empathy for someone who has felt they’ve been mistreated or misguided.

After all, no one wants to feel this way in life.

So getting back to my piece on real estate agents… you might wonder why I seem to write about them a lot and it’s simply because I hope to inject some understanding into those buyers who have to deal with them at some point in their lives. 

The “he didn’t call me back” story is one that is often raised.

What’s going on here?

Surely, agents call all of their potential buyers back right? 

After all, commission is their livelihood and the thought of missing even one potential lead could mean a forgone commission couldn’t it?

And it’s just POLITE to return calls from buyers.

Agents are there to help and serve us aren’t they?

For heaven’s sake, we’re the CUSTOMER!

So why in the world aren’t they calling us back?!

The truth is, it sounds simple, but there’s a lot more at play than what you might first think.

Let me explain it from a sales agent’s point of view.

Bear with me because you might not like what you’re about to read, but I promise you, it’s the truth. 

I was a sales agent for most of my real estate career so I get the other side of the story, as much as it might be b.s. 

Here goes.

That agent didn’t call you back because:


They thought you were going to waste their time and they had other priorities above you.

They didn’t think you were ready to buy right now.

They didn’t want to deal with you for whatever reason.

They just plain forgot. 

They palmed you to their assistant, and the assistant forgot.


Doesn’t make us buyers feel very special does it?


But there it is. The truth. 

So if this ever happens to you, just keep in mind that the reason you didn’t get the call back isn’t always the worst. 

Sometimes agents do forget.

They’ve usually got a million things going on around them and it can in fact be a real challenge to juggle multiple balls at once. I’ve been there myself - I know it all too well! Especially being a one-woman show. 

My advice to you in this situation is this.

Call THEM back… again.

Hound them if you have to and eventually, they’ll get the picture that you do need to reach out and be heard. 

Drop your ego and remember, we're not playing the dating game where "the rules" of who calls who and when apply.

If you need something, go after it and just chase them.

If all else fails, appoint someone like me to represent you.

Guaranteed they’ll call a Buyer’s Agent back. We usually have more pulling power than your everyday buyer.

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