The 3 Most In-Demand Housing Styles In Brisbane

Being a regular on the open house circuit I get to see a variety of homes each week, which is one of the best parts of my job.

You might call it house hunting. I like to refer to it as house snooping.

Yep, I’m a glorified house snoop and I absolutely love it!

What I especially enjoy about my work as a local Brisbane Buyer’s Agent is how I’ve come to understand the types of houses buyers in Brisbane are typically drawn to.

Each week I witness the flurry of eager house hunters make their way into often crowded open homes on Saturday morning, bumping into fellow punters as they squeeze through the living room hallway, passing each other thinking to themselves, "I wonder if they'll make an offer?"

You see, like with most things in life, there’s a pattern that forms, and if you're in the game for long enough, you start to see it repeat itself.  

I’ve found this happens when it comes to property and what buyers are naturally gravitating to in Brisbane.

Here are my personal insights and what I've played witness to throughout my house snooping efforts over the past few years.


In Brisbane, people are inherently drawn to....

1. Renovated Character Homes.

Yep, these styles are by far at the top of the list. Brisbane-ites absolutely looooove their character style homes. Now when I say character homes, I’m referring to those charming worker’s cottages, Queenslanders, old world Colonials and post war houses with their beautiful veejay walls, high ceilings and ornate cornices.

Mmmm delicious!

It’s the renovated character homes that seem to catch the eye of the Brisbane property punter more times than not, and if they’re styled well by a professional property stylist, you’re bound to fall in love (and probably overpay at the same time!)

But heck, if you’re going to make one of these houses your home, then what’s money when it comes to your happiness and that warm and fuzzy feeling you get after coming home to your sanctuary fireplace, white pickett fence and manicured green hedge.

The majority of home buyers working with me ask that I get them a character home, and yes, they're happy to pay top dollar for the right one.


Next on the list...

2. Character Homes In Need of Renovation.

Here we go again. Even the ones that need a lick of paint here and there (and perhaps a full blown $200,000 reno) are popular amongst Brisbane buyers.

There are always lines of builders, tradies and handy men and women who are more than willing to exchange their lazy Sundays for the DIY renovation - paintbrush, nail gun and Bunnings trip all on the cards to bring these old beauties back to their original glory days. 

Surprisingly, I’ve seen buyers overpay (in my opinion) for character renovators at Auction, which goes to show that even the Post War cottage that needs some TLC is probably going to fetch a hefty price tag and attract a sea of multiple offers that will leave the buyers who missed out reeling and back on the open house circuit the following week in search of the next renovator. 

Who would guess the popularity of these homes, renovated or unrenovated would be such a stand-out in Brisbane?

Quite clearly, the market has spoken.


3. Freehold Townhouses 

Typically, I’ve found that townhouses in general are often in high demand amongst first home buyers looking to enter the Brisbane housing market on a shoestring budget but want all the trimmings of a house with a slice of land that isn’t a thousand miles from the city centre.

It’s the freehold townhouses that buyers love the most because they’re not tied to a body corporate scheme where the likes of other owners in the complex can dictate how their home ownership days will pan out.

If the townhouse is in a boutique complex of less than 4 and it happens to be one of the end ones with a cute little courtyard area for puppy to play, it’s as good as sold.

Brisbane investors are starting to choose the townhouse over the unit because they're more scarce and offer a wide range of options when it comes to tenants. Think pets and kids.


So there you have it.

It’s character homes and townhouses that seem to come out on top when it comes to buying in Brisbane. 

If you happen to be investing in the Brisbane market, then you really need to keep this in mind, because if you can nab yourself one of these properties then you’re off to a flying start, (provided its not in a flood zone or has some critical flaw that renders it a dud!)

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