Buy A Property Near These 5 Brisbane Cafes

As investors, and even home buyers, it’s been long drummed in to us that location location is everything when it comes to real estate.

I couldn’t agree more.

Lifestyle is what the new age crave, and if you’ve ever read a book on property investment, it’s likely you’re now a believer that if you’re ever in the market for an investment property, it should be located within close proximity of some sort of lifestyle factor.

Now whether this is a park, a shopping centre or a cafe, Lifestyle is on the lips of most property buyers I work with.

“Wendy, get me something within walking distance of a nice cafe - somewhere I can have my morning coffee before the commute and the day gets going.”

Or if you’re an investor…

“Wendy, I know that lifestyle factors drive capital growth so if we can buy a house close to a popular cafe strip, I think that’s the best way to go.”

Being a Brisbane Buyer’s Agent, one of the coolest parts of my job is to fly around town in my Roadster looking at properties as they emerge on the scene.

For some, the thought of driving all day might be a living hell, but for me, I absolutely love it! I get to see stuff - cool stuff.

Heck, you might even see me in your travels if you’re local. I’m quite easy to spot. Just look for the WENDY M number plate on the car zipping past you on the Inner City By-Pass. That’s me!

And with that said, my role as a Buyer’s Agent takes me to all sides of the Brisbane River, back and forth across the Storey Bridge at least twice a day (yeah that speed camera loves me!!) and creeping around those hidden pockets of this beautiful city - the ones you probably don’t even know exist!

This is where the fun begins, and throughout my daily travels, it’s often I’ll stop in to a local cafe on my way through for a quick bite and a latte. 

Enter the coffee connoisseur.

Yep, I’ve worked out where the best cafes around the city are, and hence, the pockets of Brisbane where you need to sit up and take note of if you’re looking to buy property.



First cab off the rank, and a local favourite (because I live just down the road) is Le Bonn Choix on Racecourse Road in Ascot. The famous Raceourse Road strip has long been a favourite amongst the Ascot and Hamilton locals and now that it’s getting a double whammy from both sides - aka Portside and Kingsford Smith Drive upgrades plus the developments on the Racecourse, you’ll start to see the shopfronts on Racecourse Road lift their game. 

Le Bonn is a great stop and go for a takeaway cap plus a mouth watering macaron, but what I love most is I can bring the pugs there or meet a client or referral partner for a quick catch up.



Take me to the southside and Riverbend Cafe on Oxford Street in Bulimba does THE BEST scrambled eggs in Brisbane and their lattes are always a smooth blend of froth and deliciousness. If you can’t get a table straight away, just head on in to the bookstore and chill - the staff will come grab you when a table clears.

I’ve bought several boutique units in this area for clients over the years and provided you check the flood map, the lifestyle of Oxford Street is where it’s all happening on the south.



Little Sista Cafe on Chatsworth Road in Greenslopes is another southside favourite of mine. This cute little corner cafe is always bustling with locals, but if you’re looking for more of a “strip”, head to Martha Street which borders Coorparoo and Camp Hill. Houses in this pocket are always in high demand. Picnic Cafe is the place to be.



Who would have thought Hallowed Grounds Espresso Cafe in Mount Gravatt Central would have the best Carott Cake around and I love their all day breakie menu. Make sure you take a peek out the back (which most people miss). They grow their own herbs too! 

I love the little pocket of houses and townhouses just off Springwood Street which is at the other end of Mount Gravatt Central. Walk to the local shops, drive 15 minutes to two major Westfield Shopping Centres and cruise down Logan Road straight into the city. It’s a handy spot that’s for sure.



Wilston Village on the north is another cutie cafe strip that I frequent regularly. Alcove Cafe and Deli is a fave amongst the locals and it’s clear to see why - the guys that run the show are some of the friendliest around. They’re open from 6am every day and breakfast here is always a treat.

The beauty of this area is close proximity to the city and the train line. Just don’t buy a house too close to the rail.

So if you’re in the market for a property and Brisbane is your destination, check out some of the streets around these cafes and perhaps this is where your next property will be?