Brisbane's Most Popular School Catchment Areas

It’s no secret that school catchment zones are high up there amongst the must have criteria investors and home owners are looking for when buying property these days.

Having a property in a good school catchment area means you will likely never have a problem finding a tenant, and the property will always attract families with school children.

Sound like a good investment option?

Well listen up, because I’m about to share with you the top 5 school catchment suburbs in Brisbane.

I’ve picked these 5 because they seem to come up time and time again when I’m dealing with investors and home buyers throughout the course of my role as a local Brisbane Buyer’s Agent.

These are the most popular public schools in Brisbane where buyers seem to want to buy.

1. Brisbane State High School - with a state overall score of 100, Brisbane State High has long been a popular choice for those living around West End and Southbank. 

2. Mansfield State High - ranking at an overall score of 99, Mansfield State High is a popular choice for those living on the southside in the Mount Gravatt region. The attraction here is the multicultural nature of this school, and it is a popular choice amongst the asian community.

3. Ascot State School - parents living outside of the school catchment zone are known to camp outside the school gates with the intention of securing their child a spot in this prestige state school. 

4. Indooroopilly State School - scoring a top rank of 100, both Indooroopilly primary and high schools are popular for families living on the West side of town. 

5. Rainworth State School - with a state overall score of 100, Rainworth Primary is another popular choice for those living around the Toowong area. 

So how do you check to see which school catchment zone your property falls into?

An easy search at this link -  will tell you.

Keep in mind, there are several other popular catchment zones in and around the inner Brisbane area but these are the ones that seem to keep popping up when I’m in the field talking to buyers and investors. 

Do a simple google search of the top public schools in your area and check the rankings. This will give you a good indication of which schools are most popular among parents with school age children who opt for a state school, rather than private.

Happy house hunting!