Learn how to buy your first home

with this introductory step by step guide.


If you’ve been thinking about buying your first home for some time now, but can’t seem to get started, or secure a property for whatever reason, then you know how frustrating this can be. 


Is it fear or just procrastination that is holding you back?

Or perhaps you’re just not confident enough to make an all-in decision when the right property comes up?


Maybe the whole process of buying property just seems like a total minefield so you keep putting it off.

It’s in the “too hard” basket.


You really don’t understand the process and you’re terrified you’ll make a mistake, buy the wrong property or be tricked into paying too much.


And despite your best efforts to get started, it seems like everyone around you is buying property with ease and splashing their new homes on social media for everyone to see and join in the congratulations.


What’s the deal? What are they doing that you’re not?

And is it just pure luck that they’re getting into the market ahead of you?


Maybe you keep missing out to other buyers, or perhaps you can’t seem to get your finances in order to make the purchase a reality? 


As each passing week goes by, you feel like you’ll be stuck on the rental rat wheel forever, and this cold reality is becoming incredibly disheartening.

After all, why should you be paying off SOMEONE ELSE’S MORTGAGE when you could be paying off your own!


Whatever the reason may be, it feels like the Great Australian Dream of owning your own home is slipping further and further out of reach… for you anyways.


I get it. 


It can be painfully frustrating thinking you’re getting left behind when the market is moving forward and the people around you are getting out of their rentals and moving into their new homes.


I work with buyers just like you all the time and I know how frustrating and mentally draining all this can be. 


To a first timer, the whole process can seem like one big roller coaster ride, or a minefield of steps that you have no idea how to navigate, or even start!


Your emotions are on overload and as more time goes by, you start to feel more and more helpless about ever owning a home. 


Hang in there, I’m here to help.


Imagine the day when…


The real estate agent tells you that your offer has been accepted and you get the house.

You can finally move out of that rental where you’ve been paying “dead money” for the last few years.

You spend your first night in your new home. A memory you’ll always cherish.

Bunnings becomes your favourite hang out on the weekends because you’re excited about your renovation plans.

You can finally get that puppy you always wanted because he’ll have a yard to play in.

You’ve secured your nest, and now the time is right to start a family.

Saturday nights are spent in your new home around the BBQ with friends and family, rather than at the bar with the other 20 year olds.

You finally feel like you’re moving forward in life.


This can all happen sooner than you think.

You just need a strategic, step by step action plan that guides you through the buying process, and helps you get into the market sooner (minus the mistakes most first home buyers make).


Rest assured, I have the solution for you.




Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped people from all walks of life buy and sell real estate, and I’ve come to understand that for most first timers in property, buying your first home can be a real mix of emotions. 

You’re excited but at the same time, you’re nervous and might feel a bit out of your depth because the process is something you’ve never experienced before. And when settlement day comes and you’re about to move in, the feeling of becoming a home owner is one you’ll always remember. 


Ultimately, if you make it through the ups and downs of the process, it can be an incredibly rewarding achievement to buy your first home.


But like any process, buying a property is wrought with pitfalls and traps that can leave buyers worse off and for some, the mistakes can take years to recover from.


The trouble is, first home buyers are the biggest offenders when it comes to making these mistakes. 


Let me share with you the most common traps that first home buyers fall into because it’s likely that you’ll be a culprit of at least one of these if you’re buying for the first time. (I explain these a little more in-depth throughout the KIT, but for now, let’s simply identify them for you.)


  1. You’ll pay too much, or over market value for a property.

  2. You’ll buy a dud property without realising.

  3. You’ll sign incorrect paperwork and open the door to a possible legal or financial mess.

  4. You’ll avoid auctions and miss out on some great opportunities because you’re afraid to bid.

  5. You’ll put too much trust in the real estate agent, which will disadvantage you when negotiating the purchase.

  6. You’ll rely too heavily on friends and family who may give you well-intended but wrong advice about property.


And this is just the beginning!


These are just 6 reasons to better educate yourself before you step into the world of real estate, and the reason I created this KIT in the first place; essentially to identify the pitfalls of buying property and help first home buyers better understand the process so they’re better armed, and can get into their new homes sooner.



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