Your SECRET WEAPON in property.

I'm your professional set of unbiased eyes and ears in Brisbane.


Buyers are often beaming with excitement the moment they begin their property journey, but it's often this enthusiasm turns to frustration the moment things start getting hard. You miss out on what you thought was your dream home, or perhaps you were outbid on the house that looked ripe for investment. Buyers often struggle with the process, getting stuck on the property merry-go-round of Saturday morning open house inspections, rejected offers and real estate agents they'd rather not deal with.

When you work with a professional, all of this pain and frustration disappears. 



Whether you’re looking to buy a first home, new home or even a forever home, I can help. 

Investors, you’re in this too!

In a nutshell, I help home buyers get into their new homes quicker and I work with investors to source exclusive off-market properties and build high performance investment portfolios that set them up for life.

… helping them select the right properties in the right areas. 

With me, there’s no guesswork when it comes to the Brisbane property market. 

I’ve got you covered! 


we all lead busy lives.

fitting a property search into the mix seems like the impossible.



Let alone studying and understanding a market, forming strategic relationships with the local real estate agents, discovering where the best spots are to buy (and those to avoid), and spending your weekends traipsing through open home after open home with the heard of other buyers.


Yep, it’s exhausting!

Even if you did have the time.

What's even more frustrating is when you keep missing out on properties, and have to repeat the same process again and again, weekend after weekend! Or worse… when you see your dream home listed on a real estate internet portal with an “under offer” sign already attached to it.

(Enter crying emoji) !!!


Let me do the heavy lifting for you.

Rather than deal with the disappointment, let me step in and become your strategic set of eyes, ears and legs on the ground.

…  and the best part is, I already have the local contacts, the experience, negotiation skills and the insider market knowledge to give you a huge advantage over other buyers. 

It’s this leverage into the market that will set you apart from all the other buyers. … Buyers who miss out on seeing the properties I have exclusive access to because I’m so well connected in the industry. If you work with me, you’ll have the behind-the-scenes pass to the off-market opportunities and secret listings that the local real estate agents reserve for their "inner circle", and the best part is, you won’t have to lift a finger. 

That's my job!



I’ll show you what to buy, where to buy and what (or who) to watch out for when buying in Brisbane. I'll identify the highest growth suburbs, the right types and styles of properties you should be focussing on, and I'll steer you away from high vacancy areas so we can maximise your rental yield. This purchase will be a highly strategic one and you'll come away from the process better educated on the Brisbane property market. We'll work within your budget to strategically select the right property - the one that meets your personal situation, overall investment goals and long term success plan. 

Honestly, working with you has been a delight. I’m already looking forward to my next purchase.

As a first-time investor, I needed help to find a good property but also to learn the basics. From our first call, Wendy understood what I needed. I’m incredibly happy with the townhouse I purchased, and could have never have made it to this point without Wendy’s help. Her knowledge, experience and contacts were invaluable. She’s also incredibly fun to work with, so the whole process was really enjoyable. Thank you.


Home Buyers.

I'll be your sounding board throughout the journey and I'll help you to get clarity on what your ideal home actually looks like and where to find it in Brisbane. I'll short-list and inspect properties that fit your criteria, and I'll do all the negotiations with the real estate agents, ensuring you're always in the strongest position possible. When we do sign a Contract, I'll make sure the documents are correct and your interests are protected, and I'll do all of the necessary due diligence and inspections that will move the process forward to a successful settlement - that exciting time where you collect the keys to your new home!

From the moment we first made contact with Wendy, she was extremely communicative and responded to all our questions quickly, with considered and knowledgeable input. Her advice was spot on with the right combination of cold hard facts tempered with the recognition that purchasing a home to live in has an element of intuition to it. Being new to the city we didn’t know the market and we weren’t comfortable with attending auction ourselves. Her knowledge of the market made us feel confident that we were making the right decision and strategy with regards to the purchase and ultimately she secured a spectacular property for us well within our budget.
— David and Carol - BRISBANE


… but first,

there’s 3 Rules I Live By.

  • I’m picky. I wait for the right opportunity. The one that ticks all the boxes, not just some. If this means the process takes longer, then so be it.

  • I’ll never recommend you buy a property I wouldn’t buy for myself. If I wouldn't buy it for me, I won't buy it for you.

  • I'll never pressure you to buy a property. I believe it’s my job to put the best opportunities in front of you, but ultimately, it is your decision whether you go ahead. It has to feel right for you.

If you’re okay with these, I’m confident we can make this purchase a success.