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Below are reviews from local Brisbane real estate agents who have worked with me previously.

I first met Wendy Russell when she viewed one of my auction properties, and from the very first moment I knew that I was dealing with a thorough professional. She had carried out extensive market research of the property in question, as well as the surrounding area. She was able to quote the capital growth percentage of the previous three years and was well aware of all the recent sales in the nearby vicinity. She knew the school catchments, local public transport links, flood risk, expected rental return and the development potential of the site. Every necessary piece of information had been researched so that Wendy’s client was in a position to make an astute educated decision about a substantial investment. I have since encountered Wendy at many of my properties, and I can truly say that her market research techniques and local area knowledge have increased.

Wendy is also a very shrewd negotiator. She comes armed with a well planned strategy, she knows how to read the play, and she exudes confidence in her bidding. She plays to win, but doesn’t let her emotions cloud her judgement. I have seen Wendy walk away from a bidding war if she believes it’s in her client’s best interest to do so.

As well as being a high calibre operator, Wendy is also an extremely charismatic young woman with a wonderful sense of humour. She effortlessly relates to people from all walks of life, and she has a natural warmth that allows you to instantly feel at ease.

In summary - I have the greatest respect for Wendy Russell, both as a person and as a fellow professional. Would I recommend Wendy to one of my closest friends or loved one’s? Yes! Would I engage Wendy to act as my Buyer’s Agent/Auction Strategist? Absolutely! You simply cannot go wrong with this incredibly talented individual.

I had the pleasure of working with Wendy on a property sale recently and I can say Wendy was a very courteous and hard working professional, who did what she said. She was always punctual and informative, but most importantly she asked all the right questions. Certainly if I was a buyer and wanted a Buyers Agent, Wendy would be at the very top of my list. I look forward to working with Wendy on any property opportunities for her clients in the future.
— Darrell Plumridge | SALES AGENT AT STELLARIO REALTY (0432 208 504)

Wendy Russell bridges the gap between buyer, seller, auctioneer and agent with strategies that take the pressure off buyers whilst at the same time, getting them in the game and placing them forefront to being successful at auction. With the property market now more competitive than ever, more and more buyers should be considering the services of an experienced Buyer’s Agent and Auction Strategist. It just makes sense.
— Justin Nickerson | Director at Apollo Auctions, Brisbane (0423 843 194)
I cannot recommend Wendy Russell highly enough. Her professionalism on behalf of her clients was a pleasant change from the normal experience I have had. She was a pleasure to work with and was prompt and decisive in her decisions for her clients. My clients were more than happy to negotiate with Wendy due to the way she followed through on anything she said. An absolute pleasure to deal with you Wendy!
— Simon Petrie | Ray White New Farm (0439 668 867)

Simply The Best. I have been in the real estate industry for almost a decade and in my time I have met a lot of characters. Some good, some bad, some not worth remembering. Every once in a while you meet someone in this business that you remember long after your first encounter. Sometimes it’s the way they hold themselves, their knowledge, their passion, their dedication to their craft or their commitment to their clients.

Wendy Russell is someone that you will not forget. With an aura of elegance and gritty determination focusing on the outcome that she wants for her clients in every situation. Wendy’s reputation is built on the most simplest and effective concept in business, hard work. If you are looking for an advocate to guide you through the process of buying property then you must speak to Wendy. I’m not telling you that you should use her just off my recommendation but you at least you need to give her a call and see what she is all about. Within the first minute of chatting to Wendy everything that I have said will make sense to you and I would then encourage you to put up your own testimonial for this incredible woman and real estate specialist.
— Darren Bonehill | Coronis Coorparoo (0422 213 764)

I have worked with Wendy Russell over the past couple of years and I can highly recommend her as a Buyer’s Agent. Wendy is extremely focused on providing the best level of service to her clients and this is displayed through her results. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a competent professional Buyer’s Agent.

It’s a pleasure to work with her.
— Nicholas Stankiewicz | NS Properties (0421 579 861)

Working with Wendy is an absolute treat! She is a tough negotiator and it’s very obvious that she works hard to get her buyers a great deal and too the front of the pack in a hot market. I’ve worked with Wendy previously on multiple properties and she is one of the only true professional buyers agents. With market knowledge that is beyond comparison and a tenacious personality she has proven time and time again to get her clients great deals. Ten stars for Wendy!
— Jackson Oram | Coronis Coorparoo (0411 584 585)
Wendy always acts in the best interests for her client. She is well researched, quick, sharp and knows how to negotiate. She has worked hard for a long time to create good relationships with agents all over Brisbane which is crucial when it comes down to getting those tougher deals together. These relationships and this experience is something that you can’t put a price. Keep up the hard work.
— Dean Hamilton | LJ Hooker Stafford (0400 799 447)

Wendy Russell acted as agent for a buyer on an Indooroopilly listing I had for sale. I have been in real estate for 15 years and must say that Wendy is the best buyers agent I have ever dealt with by a country mile. Her in depth market knowledge and skills in negotiating set a new industry benchmark. Should the buyer have acted directly and without engaging Wendy as their agent, they would have paid more for this property and with less favourable terms. She certainly proved her value to her client and I would not hesitate to engage her as my agent on any future transaction. There are plenty of agents in this industry but very few have the care factor to always do what is in their clients best interest. This is why I think Wendy is a success and will continue to be in the years to come. I offered this testimonial to Wendy because I think she deserves it.
— Alex Jordan | McGrath Estate Agents Paddington (0410 424 749)
Wendy Russell Brisbane Buyers Advocateers Advocate

It was an absolute pleasure working with Wendy on the purchase of Moreton Street, New Farm. Not only were her buyers pre-qualified and ready to go, she inspected the property at short notice on behalf of her client and made a quick turn around with an offer. This was all within three days of the property hitting the market. Wendy was able to secure the property for her client prior to our first open home. Everyone involved in the transaction, including the owners and ourselves were appreciative of the seamless and stress-free transaction. We relish every opportunity we get to work with Wendy.
— Anissa Lamond | Place Estate Agents New Farm (0416 939 392)

I recently worked with Wendy Russell on the sale of 128 Sydney St New Farm. I have worked with a number of buyers agents in my time and I can’t say that there are many out there as professional as Wendy Russell. She was as pleasant to deal with as one would expect from a dedicated real estate professional. The service she supplies to her buyers is exceptional, furthermore her enthusiasm and passion for the industry allowed for an enjoyable sales experience. Her negotiating skills offered a willingness to compromise where necessary and she managed to work closely with me to secure a great deal for all parties involved. I would highly recommend Wendy to any buyers who are looking for the most professional advice when it comes to securing their next investment.
— Matthew Habchi | North South Real Estate Brisbane (0422 442 234)
As a Buyer’s Agent Wendy recently arranged for the purchase of a property in Windsor for an investor. I was the selling agent and I was impressed by Wendy. She was extremely thorough and professional throughout the buying process. Her attention to detail was impressive, from the initial inspection, through the negotiations and up to and beyond settlement. Wendy displayed a depth of knowledge of property and the market and what should be expected in the features, condition and price of a property. She recognised when a property was well priced in the market place and represented good buying value and she was able to secure the purchase swiftly in the face of competition. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy as a Buyer’s Agent. Neither would I hesitate to give Wendy a buyer’s advantage by providing her with early notice of a property about to come onto the market for sale. I am extremely confident that Wendy’s clients are in very safe hands.
— John Weaver | Havig & Jackson Clayfield (0419 660 192)

Hi Wendy, Just dropping you a quick line to thank you for being so professional and prompt with all real estate dealings that we’ve had. You really know your stuff and work super hard for your buyers, that’s for sure! I look forward to working with you on the next one!!
— Clint Ferguson | Coronis (0427 856 496)

I have now worked with Wendy Russell on several occasions to help her secure property for her clients. As a local agent I am in constant communication with several Buyer’s Agents and I can honestly say that working with Wendy has been concise and straightforward with regard to getting the deal done and with keeping both the Sellers and Buyers satisfied. Her communication skills with her buyers are excellent. She certainly works diligently for them and her level of expertise is outstanding. I hope to work with Wendy in the future by introducing her to my future properties for sale. I would certainly recommend her services to buyers who need assistance with securing the right property for their needs.
— Charmaine Henrickson | McGrath Estate Agents New Farm (0438 437 464)
I recently worked with Wendy in the purchase of a property in Coorparoo and I am very delighted to say that Wendy always has her client’s best interest at heart. As a real estate agent I am always in communication with buyer’s agents and happy to say that Wendy far exceeds any one that I have had the pleasure of working with. The sale/purchase was a seamless transaction with her negotiation skills certainly assisting her buyer purchasing a property. I would be happy to say that I wold be happy to work with Wendy in the future.
— John Dardanis | LJ Hooker Coorparoo (0404 003 610)

I have just completed a sale of a unit with Wendy Russell as a Buyer’s Agent for one of her clients looking for an investment property. What a delight to work with someone who knows exactly what their client is looking for in detail. Her professionalism and real estate knowledge must be an asset to the clients she is working for.
— Craig Smith | Tim Altass Real Estate Bulimba (0419 783 457)
I have been involved in many transactions where Wendy Russell has acted as the buyer’s agent. In all my dealings with her I have found her amongst the most proactive Agent I have dealt with in my 20 years of practice. Wendy takes her obligations to the buyers she represents very seriously, meticulously monitoring the legal process on behalf of her buyers from the negotiation stage through to settlement.
— Gerard Pagliaro | Partner at GM Lawyers Wooloongabba (3844 0188)

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Wendy recently. Wendy’s professionalism and understanding of the industry was very evident in the way she ensured that her buyer’s requirements were fully qualified before introducing them to a property. Clear communication and quick response times are an absolute necessity when you are wanting to achieve a great outcome for a buyer. Wendy certainly didn’t let her buyers down when it came to acting promptly and professionally on their behalf. Since entering the industry in the 1980’s, I have worked with many buyers agents and unfortunately have had some disappointing experiences. In this instance however, I can only say that her performance has been exemplary and I look forward to working with Wendy again in the future.
— Lee Paul | Belle Property New Farm (0418 733 818)
I have known Wendy as a client for some years as a result of my role as a Rent Roll Broker. During this time I have had the opportunity to observe the thoroughly professional way that she conducts both herself and her business. Wendy has a great work ethic and the best interests of her clients as her prime objective. Wendy’s attention to detail is at a standard that exceeds that exhibited by the majority of agents that I observe. I have no hesitation in offering myself as a referee on Wendy’s behalf to any client who is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to engage Wendy’s services.
— Stephen Gray | First National Redcliffe (0404 069 824)

As you know I have business relations with a number of Buyer’s Agents in Brisbane but consider you to be up there with the best I have worked with. Your enthusiasm for real estate is obvious as is your endeavour to get the best possible property, at the best possible price, for your clients. Not only would I be happy to recommend you to my clients I would actively encourage them to use your services in order to secure the right property. I look forward to a continuing working relationship and sending you the first details for any new suitable listings for your clients.
— Richard Barlow | Belle Property New Farm (0434 420 856)
If you are look for a straight talking, passionate real estate agent, you can’t go past Wendy Russell. Her local market knowledge and desire to achieve the best outcome for her clients is second to none. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Wendy as your real estate representative.
— Brett Russo | City Group Realty (0414 500 500)

I just wanted to drop you a quick not to say thank you for your help in selling Alma Road at Clayfield. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with someone who takes pride in their work and is a true professional. Your support and assistance throughout the whole process was much appreciated and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
— Adrian Kirwan | Bartholomeusz Kirwan Real Estate Ascot (0411 871 798)
Wendy pictured with Jordan McLennan of Style Estate Agents in Clayfield.

Wendy pictured with Jordan McLennan of Style Estate Agents in Clayfield.